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KL-Detector is a portable freeware that will help you detect if any keylogger or monitoring software is installed on your Windows computer. Mind you, this keylogger detctor freeware will only tell if you any keylogger software is installed on your computer – it will not remove the keylogger – you will have to do it yourself. Moreover it cannot detect hardware keyloggers – no software can!


KL-Detector works by scanning your local hard disk for any log file created during the monitoring process. Most keyloggers will eventually save the recorded data into a location in the hard disk. KL-Detector will inform you of such a log file.


To get best results, you will have to terminate your visible running programs including you antivirus, files and folders. Once this is done, and the keylogger detector freeware starts monitoring, you will be asked to write anything in Notepad, or in fact do anything which involves the use of your keyboard.


KL Detector will then monitor your hard disk for a newly created log file. This is because keyloggers usually note down your keyboartd activities in a log file and save them. If any newly generated log file is created, the color of the program icon will change. If after 15 minutes or so, if the color does not change, it means that the keylogger detctor freeware could not detect any newly generated log file. While this cannot be said to be fool-proof, it would normally indicate that your computer is free from a keylogger.   You can use KL-Detector to detect keyloggers in public computer before you enter your password, credit card information and so on.



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