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Thunderbird is a popular and free email application from Mozilla, the people behind Firefox. Like Firefox, one of the reasons for Thunderbird’s popularity is the number of quality add-ons that are available for download.


While Thunderbird includes all of the necessary features for managing your email, there are tons of add-ons that bring additional functionality that may make the application far more useful and productive for you.


In this post we’ll highlight 20 add-ons that can prove to be highly useful :


Lightning http://goo.gl/N6jJ8

Provider for Google Calendar http://goo.gl/RS4FM

QuickFolders http://goo.gl/odH08

Contacts Sidebar http://goo.gl/hCGaA

FoxClocks http://goo.gl/j0TXA

XNote http://goo.gl/9DFhK

ThunderBrowse http://goo.gl/caIV9

Tag Toolbar http://goo.gl/vhM6A

eMarks http://goo.gl/5a9en

Quick Translator http://goo.gl/suheX

Quick Locale Switcher http://goo.gl/pHsi1

AttachmentExtractor http://goo.gl/kt8YO

Nostalgy http://goo.gl/4pP4Z

Quicktext http://goo.gl/hiFRd

ReminderFox http://goo.gl/uxCW6

Send Later 3 http://goo.gl/55wvr

Signature Switch http://goo.gl/ybSOK

Zindus http://goo.gl/Pjlm3

MouseGestures Redox http://goo.gl/gK47j

ConfirmFolderMover http://goo.gl/tPURC