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Profoundly inspiring courses. Art, nature, spirit. A place to reconnect. This is Montanaro Circle in Le Marche Italy.

The founders of Montanaro circle are Idries and Sarah , who live in Le Marche Italy with their three children. Sarah is a psychotherapist with a PhD in Holistic Theology and Idries is an artist and art conservator. We started our life together in South East Asia amidst a variety of cultures, faiths, and alternate perspectives. That experience of cultural exchange continues to inspire us today. They believe that art, nature and spirituality can make life more joyful, and wanted to create a place where people can come together to share ideas and creativity, or simply be still.
An eclectic network of people make Montanaro Circle possible. The thing they have in common is a passion for what they do.
They promote traditional arts and crafts through teaching and selling the art itself. They also promote a sustainable lifestyle through the ecologically sound approach of the guesthouses through to the way we use natural local materials on all our courses. They collaborate with many local businesses including small guesthouses and monasteries, independent local tour guides, local artisans and source food locally from farmers and independent food sellers. Through their support they are enabling the some ancient monasteries to stay open, which might otherwise not have the funds to keep in operation. They use local artisanal products and employ local people to run many of their courses as tutors, and also to support in terms of cleaning, driving and cooking.

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