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Accommodation in Le Marche: Agriturismo

Accommodation in Le Marche:  Agriturismo | Le Marche Properties and Accommodation | Scoop.it

Agriturismo - a combination of the words for "agriculture" and "tourism" in Italian - is a style of farmhouse vacation that is suitable for the whole family. In some agriturismos there is even the possibility to get involved in the day to day working of the land – a great experience for both adults and children.

An agriturismo is based upon produce from its own land; be it food, olive oil or wine - everything comes from the local area and this is what you will be eating and drinking. There is also the huge benefit of living with and getting to know the real Italians and the traditions which have dictated their lives for centuries.

However, this is not a basic holiday; many agriturismos are of the highest standards and have luxurious rooms, restaurants, swimming pools etc – you choose exactly what you want for the premium Italian experience.

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Le Marche Properties and Accommodation
Le Marche is the up and coming region to visit with marvellous accommodations or invest in a property. Le Marche it is an incredible place to visit or the ideal location where expatriate because is a treasure chest of churches, galleries and stunning landscapes – culture and nature all waiting to welcome you.
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