5 Things Vacation Rental Guests Really Want | Le Marche Properties and Accommodation | Scoop.it


  1. A Professional Brand Onlineif your business doesn’t have it’s own attractive website, no one is going to take you seriously.  A strong and democratically endorsed online reputation is obligatory in today’s business environment.
  2. A Reliable Way to PayOwners must get up to date using online booking software, accepting credit cards, and more broadly embracing technology.
  3. A True Authentic ExperienceNo matter the price-point, if a traveler can feel temporarily and authentically immersed in a foreign place, the satisfaction impact is overwhelming.
  4. Genuine HospitalityVacation rentals are stealing more and more hotel market share for one big reason: they’re more economical (though also in many cases more practical). The rental owners need to embrace the hotel-style principles of receiving strangers and taking great care of them for a few days
  5. ConsistencyConsistency is a big hurdle in the vacation rental industry (rental standards across state borders, payment processes across country line