Heretic Fashion Shoe Brand Le Marche: Aketohn, Arcevia | Le Marche & Fashion |

The name Aketohn derives from the anagram of the name Akhenaton “the heretic pharaoh”. Heretic because, at the expense of polytheism that was predominant in ancient egypt, he chose to turn only to one god: Aton, the god of sun. In the same way Aketohn has always had one creed: merge a handicraft know-how and Made inItaly creativity with a genuine, grunge and essential taste. The idea is to create something contemporary but also timeless: accessories beyond trend, to love, keep and wear always, year after year. Time passes, but the values remain the same: care and dedication that are devoted to the achievement of each shoe. Aketohn are authentic products in pure creativity and with no expiry date.