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Fashion Innovation in Le Marche: Aviu, San Costanzo PU

Fashion Innovation in Le Marche: Aviu, San Costanzo PU | Le Marche & Fashion | Scoop.it

AVIU is an Italian knitwear brand for women that looks elegant, sophisticated and full of fashionable looks. The brand is manufactured in San Costanzo in Le Marche.

To support the classic collection, the brand has introduced a capsule collection U of AVIU, opting for a limited range of cardigans and cashmere shawl yarn presented in a rather unusual packaging the size of a sunglasses box making it ideal for travel

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Le Marche & Fashion
Le Marche offers an esteemed fashion industry that over time has developed an expertise that permit to understand the needs and desires of the market, especially from the end consumer side. Le Marche is a land of ancient traditions and crafts manufacturing, here, are located some of the major brands famous all over the world.  A trip to the Marche, may also be an opportunity to switch from the classic historical and cultural tour to another exquisitely fashionable, in search of numerous outlets and factory stores.  The shoe making district of Fermo and Macerata situated on the border of the provinces of the same name, represents the largest concentration of footwear producing companies in Italy.
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