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Alberto Guardiani Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Alberto Guardiani Spring Summer 2013 Collection | Le Marche & Fashion | Scoop.it

The lively tribal call for color.
Sunny, colorful and sensual, the ALBERTO GUARDIANI SS 2013 collection, is designed for a dynamic, contemporary woman who loves to find and combine class, elegance and femininity. A collection where the essential tribal style mixes colours, materials and precious details.
Colour is the undisputed star of the three main themes: tribal neon; gold and stones and golf; it gives life and personality to various shapes of the season, from the ultra-flat ancel sandal to the cube heel, to a plexi heel and finally to the very sensual twelve centimeter heel.
The tribal neon mood is characterized by its essential geometric shapes accented with triangles that are highlighted in contrasting colours, recalling typical tribal designs of the Dayak of Borneo, the Maori of New Zealand and the Native American Indians. Chains, a distinctive tribal accessory, grace double platform styles like the ancel sandals, becoming elegant straps that wrap around the ankle.
The theme of gold and stones is characterized by a small ring, charm par excellence, that enriches the heel. Crystals, stones the colour of sapphires, rubies and emeralds, embellish the collection surrounding the heel, or enriching the upper or straps.
Swarovski crystals are applied to the cube heel as well as to the toe of Stiff, the extra-feminine lace-up that is presented for the summer season in bright colours of cornflower blue and watermelon, while a metallic knit is braided and gilded forming an elegant Celtic knot, its continual loop a symbol of eternity and good fortune.
The typical style of golf is reinterpreted in a stylish mode, on high heels, with fringes embellished with small stones. It takes its cue from the classic golfers’ gloves, evident in the heels in both the choice of their white colour and of the perforated leather.
The iconic model of Alberto Guardiani for SS 2013 continues to evolve: we introduce the new T-bar shoes, while in the strappy sandal the strap rises above the ankle. The heel is finished in part with majolica ceramic tile and the signature lipstick is embellished with a ring.
The butterfly, a symbol of freedom, flits in to became an icon of the new Flutterby capsule collection. The butterfly heel, carefully painted by hand, has its steel core covered with ABS, not applied to the heel but instead glides expertly through the arch of the sole.
Offered in a pump version in suede, or as a sensual sandal in snakeskin and satin, the Flutterby is always characterized by touches of gold that highlight the shape of wings.
A total novelty of the season is the Wallpaper* capsule collection offered in a feminine note. Lace-up and loafers are made of hi-tech fabric blending sartorial elegance with avant-garde materials, water-repellent and stain resistant. The lace-up is made of fabric with tone-on-tone suede, while the loafer combines fabric with calfskin, matching in tone. Offered in classic and elegant colours of black, blue and green the feminine Wallpaper* capsule is enriched by the delicate tone of pearl gray.

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