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Vuotto means sportswear at the highest end of the range, the latest new generation of products developed according to the evolved Italian-style.

Their designs, in line with the immense cultural and historic heritage of the best Italian traditions, consider and draw upon themes from the great Italian School of the 20th century, with a particular eye to the sartorial lines and style of the 1930s/50s, These have been reinterpreted and re-worked deep down to give them a modern, contemporary feel that creates a subtle blend of current and traditional, of extreme care over the natural imperfections of handcrafted items, constantly seeking out their own unique and personal tone, a sort of harmonious discord. These garments, designed, created and finished wholly and exclusively in Italy, by Italian, competent professionals and skilled labour, naturally and visibly show all of the characteristics, the aroma and the appearance that are the fruit of a unique and inimitable culture and history.