Newcollections by Samanta Principi: Prestigious Shoes from Le Marche | Le Marche & Fashion |

Newcollections was created in 1998 by Samanta Principi and was, at the very beginning, a technical and style studio for high level collections.This was possible thanks to the teachings of the local Master artisans and to a 40 years familiar experience.
Then came the technological evolution of computerized systems and in 1995 Samanta
Principi has been one of the first pupils of the renowned Scuola Calzaturiera where she has aquired knowledge and mastery of the Cad Cam techique.
A pioneer in the shoe world where the other companies were very sceptical towards these new technolgies. Nowadays we create collections and productions for the most important Brands by using much more direct processes and offering to companies large economic savings and high standards of precision and quality in the realization of their products.
The birth of the first private line has given the company a visibility at International level.