Fashion tips by Franceschetti Shoes: The Monkstrap Shoe | Le Marche & Fashion |

The monkstrap, mostly known as the shoe with the buckle. It is essentially a derby, not closed by laces, but through a side band which ends with a buckle. This model wraps the instep dressing it up to make it elegant because of the buckle, that gives it an authoritative touch … almost noble. It’s a shoe that carries with itself a certain charm: it was the shoe of the nobles between 1600 and 1800, but it is also the shoe of the Three Musketeers and that of the Pirates. Its origins seem to be, however, very modest. It seems to orginate from the monks’ sandals laced on one side.
Nowadays there are many versions: they go from the smooth leather versions to the brogued ones, and buckles can be from one to three. The advantage of this shoe is that it hasn’t the drawback of possible breakage of the laces, but it’s preferable to wear it with a straight and not too long pant, otherwise the buckle may get caught with the hem. It is for this reason that the monkstrap is very fashionable this season. [...]