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Genny was born in 1962 by the genius of Arnaldo Girombelli and his future wife Donatella Ronchi, who managed to turn a small business into an international brand Marche.
In 1968 the first factory was opened in 1973 and was hired the emerging fashion designer Gianni Versace. At the young Calabrian first of a long series of young designers who will debut in the company, followed by the promising Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Lacroix and Richard Tyler, all able to bring that breath of irreverent talent that enabled the success of the house.
In the second half of the 80s, thanks to the initiative of Donatella Ronchi, the brand Genny conquered the U.S., dedicating definitely in the 90 ‘, when expanding production in perfumes, accessories and
shoes conquered the global market.
After the unfortunate parenthesis of the 2000s, under the aegis of the Prada Group, in March 2011 the control of the brand passed to the Genny group Verona Swinger International and the artistic direction was entrusted once again to a young designer, Gabriele Colangelo, who chose its Genny to establish itself in the fashion circus.
Never give up his principles of extreme femininity, excellent product quality and precise tailoring, Genny, who showed early 60s’ ability to adapt to the evolution of style, in the third millennium brings back its quell’eccentrica, refined and sophisticated sensuality typical of the 80 ‘and 90′.