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The Collection Fall Winter 2012-2013  expressed the four faces of women I-malloni: grunge, boysh, british and elegantly 
Experimental and groundbreaking the iconic “grunge” I-malloni turns wool into a sculptural material to be mixed with leather and gauze to create capes and coats, or with sanded stretch fabrics on slim trousers, coats, and felted and irregular mega cardigans. The melange wool gauze, with scratched effect and wavy, brings life to tunics and soft and voluminous dresses to contrast with heavy knitwear and sporty boots. [...]

The “boysh” part is instead the more practical for everyday use, yet undoubtedly rock and man at woman of the collection. Black, gray and graphic prints compose and speak a masculine language while the coat and the nappa leather jacket mixed with the cloth act as a passepartout, as well as the down jacket with a washed leather look, which gives an attractive look to this part of the collection designed to accompany the woman I-Malloni in everyday life. The trousers are slim, with masculine lines and made of gabardine. The dry wool with a salt and pepper look make blacks and greys more usable, giving irony when combined with graphics and prints on cotton and silk. The creponne maltinto and glittery gives that touch of glamour essential to true rock icons. The lace-effect t-shirts and those with graphic prints combined with wet look coatings on denims complete this path inspired by early punk fashion. Knitwear uses a mix of coasts, able to illuminate and give light to blacks and asphalts that represent the dominant shades of this part of the collection.

British and bon ton, featuring vintage inspired patterns, colours and shapes is the third mood composed of frou frou coats and chanellina made of soft wool to be matched with a classic wool trouser or riding style. The mood is completed by mixing tops and dresses with micro and macro patterned scarves. The soft super kid mohair knitwear, to be worn with patterned undergarments and Mary Jane shoes, characterize our British icon. All the mood of the bon ton is achieved even in the brightest colours, by cleverly mixing the vintage inspirations.
Built on medium shades, light and dusty as ash, amethyst, dust and periwinkle, is the part of the I-Malloni collection that is more elegant and sophisticated, and revolves around soft and smooth shapes. Prints on silk twill summarize all the soft and dusty colours of this part.