La Tunic,an homage to the sober Arab elegance of the Kandura | Le Marche & Fashion |

La Tunic is a unique fashion item from the creativity of the designer Luca Paolorossi, which reinterprets the traditional long dress of the Arab world, the Kandura, with a modern twist, giving it a touch Made in Italy thanks to the quality materials, the accuracy of details and inventive tailoring.
La Tunic is an homage to the sober Arab elegance of the Kandura. The traditional tunic that reaches the ankle length, is re-invented in shorter way to remain as elegant as a shirt and as comfortable as a T-shirt. La Tunic very fits in your spare time, in the residences of the sea, on a cruise, worn in the cool evenings in the hottest clubs, for a man who prefers the modern style and expresses the pleasure of a life oriented to the elegance and refinement, at any time of his day