Visit Le Marche in Winter: Palazzo di Arcevia, a little "paesino". | Le Marche another Italy |

[...]And, while there are so many various paesini scattered throughout the land, many of them barely marked, they each seem to hold something special, and people always suggest them with enthusiasm.  I’m not quite sure just what it is that makes them each so unique, as after a dozen of these thick-walled, top-of-the-hill clusters of deserted houses, the rooftops start to blur together… but, while there, there is a special excitement just for beingthere, and I would happily suggest each little, nameless town to anyone. 

On a cold December Friday afternoon, the only souls we ran across in Palazzo (di Arcevia) were a couple of cats and a few construction workers.  So, there’s no caffe’ or presepe to boast about.  But, it’s a nice collection of streets to run around through (or crawl through, if you’re trying to get pictures of felines, like me) on your drive through this part of the land.