Caffè Meletti, Ascoli Piceno: Great Re-Opening of an Italian Historical establishments | Le Marche another Italy |

A salon of ideas and an institution in Ascoli, for years it was home to the “Senato” association of city worthies. King Victor Emmanuel came here in incognito in 1908 and 1910 to buy the famous Anisetta, and granted the title “Supplier to the Royal Household”. Mascagni is said to have started writing his opera “La Lodoletta” here. During the closing years of the last war, the painter Guttuso first planned his “L’Orsa Maggiore” in these rooms. Stuparich, Zandonai, Badoglio, Sartre, and Hemingway all passed by, and Trilussa, beguiled by the Anisetta, wrote: “How many fables and sonnets Meletti has inspired in me!”