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New Life in Le Marche

New Life in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

A short time ago, we passed the one-year anniversary of our arrival in Italy as ‘Elective Resident’ immigrants. On arrival, we began the process of becoming familiar with Ascoli Piceno. Our assessment stated elsewhere in this Blog remains the same – we are delighted with the choice of Ascoli to be our new home and so very grateful to our Ascolani friends for being so generously welcoming.
Over this past year, some gradual changes have been taking place in how we are responding to this new environment. Not very long ago, as I was making my way along the cobblestones of Ascoli Piceno when I realized I was doing it in something of a leisurely saunter. I was not doing my usual ‘power walk’ to get to a destination without ‘wasting time.’ Having spent so many years in the highly intensive corporate world, appearing to be very seriously engaged was essential for survival. To compound matters, I grew up in New York City commuting to High School on the subway during rush hour. In that environment, if you weren’t in a hurry, you had better get out of the way.
In something over a year, I feel I have gone through some level of metamorphosis. [...]

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Le Marche another Italy
Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops towns, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!
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