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Suasa and the Roman roots of country life in Le Marche

Suasa and the Roman roots of country life in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it
  • Religion - In fact this is just one of the fora which have been discovered in Suasa. It included an area sacra, or sacred area. Here two temples have been discovered, one circular (a monopteros, or circular roofless colonnade), the other rectangular.
  • Plumbing - A lead pipe ran beside this road, with smaller pipes running off from it to individual buildings.
  • Public life - Even in the troubled third century AD, there is still evidence of building in Suasa, including one structure which was possibly a Curia, or seat of local government (cf the Curia or Senate-house in the Roman Forum). The public buildings are large in relation to the size of the town, which suggests that it served the local rural population as well as the urban inhabitants.
  • Who lived there? - There was a pre-Roman road underneath the late imperial road, which suggests that a settlement existed here before the Romans came. Judging by the pottery finds, Suasa was re-founded as a Latin colony of Roman citizens; however,from Gallic and Picene survivals we may deduce that the previous inhabitants were not totally wiped out.
  • Country folk - Our local way of life goes back two thousand years. Traces of field-markings in the local area suggest that the country round Suasa was not an area of latifundia or large estates, as on the Tyrrhenian coast, but of small peasant proprietors, as today.

(Photo Wikipedia: Anphitheatre - Vomitorium)
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Le Marche another Italy
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