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Giovanni Santi, the artist Raphael’s father

Giovanni Santi, the artist Raphael’s father | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it
Giovanni Santi, Raphael‘s father, was not a bad artist himself. Although Giorgio Vasari in his “Lives of the Artists”described Santi as a “pittore non molto eccellente” – (not a very distinguished painter), he added “uomo di buono ingegno e e atto a indirizzare i figliuoli per quella buona via” (a man of good intelligence and capable of directing his sons along that good path). The curators of the exhibition, “Raphael and Urbino” at the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in the Palazzo Ducale in 2009, think that Raphael learnt his trade from his father and not from Perugino.

List some of the places in Le Marche and elsewhere where you can see dear old Mr Santi’s work:

Cagli, San Domenico, Tiranni Chapel - Sacra Conversazione with the Resurrection of Christ - photo
Fano, Sta Maria Nuova - Visitation
Florence, Galleria Corsini - The Muse Clio
London, National Gallery - The Virgin and Child
Royal Collection - Drawing for The Muse Clio, “A woman standing before rocks”.
Urbino, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche - The Dead Christ supported by Two Angels
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Le Marche another Italy
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