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Urbino – not the Ducal Palace

Urbino – not the Ducal Palace | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

If one day you just can’t face yet another pre-Renaissance holy picture, give the Ducal Palace a miss (I’m assuming you’ve seen the Pieros and the Raphael and the Studiolo and the Justus of Ghent/Pedro Berruguete portrait of Duke Federigo and his son), stroll round towna nd have a look at the other sights.

While researching this section I came across, or rather, really read properly, a book we’ve had for years: Urbino, the story of a Renaissance City, by June Osborne: Frances Lincoln, 2003. (University of Chicago Press in the USA.) It is a good guide, beautifully illustrated by Joe Cornish’s photographs, to the art and history of Urbino under Federigo and Guidobaldo, but hasn’t got a map of the modern city and its surroundings. Anyway, I have borrowed a lot from JO and acknowledge my debt here.

You walk through the Porta Valbona, up a steep hill, the Via Mazzini, from the car park in Piazza Mercatale, formerly the site of the cattle market, and arrive in the Piazza della Repubblica...

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