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Another Ancona: Passetto Caves

Another Ancona: Passetto Caves | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

The Passetto caves in Ancona are an a-part world. For its inhabitants they are the “beach near your house”. They were dug on the early ‘900 to recover little fishing and pleasure boats and to find a bit of shade during summer sunny days in order to enjoy the seaside so near but difficult to reach, considering the rocky promontory upon which the city has been built. The caves’ owners – called “grottaroli” – do inherit from father to son their respective ones over the years, effecting new works of restoration year by year in order to make the caves more comfortable for them and for their friends; electricity, drinkable water, methane supplied gas-stoves, works in colored wood make the Passetto caves a very unique, magical and enchanting place. Beach is constituted by classic reefs and parallels to the coast; it is frequented by the caves owners and by the locale inhabitants that have the chance to take quick “touch-and-go” sun or water baths.

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Le Marche another Italy
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