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Marche Region’s Archeological National Museum in Ancona

Marche Region’s Archeological National Museum in Ancona | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

Since 1958 Ferretti Palace has become the centre of Marche Region Archeological National Museum (also MANM). It represents a concrete historical-archeological synthesis running by ancient Prehistory until the threshold of the diffusion of roman culture. We have to dedicate an apart chapter to Piceni Civilization that is present in the museum with an as much rich as prestigious collection...

Nowadays inside the museum you can admire the evidences of periods such as Paleolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronze Age, Piceni and Gaul Senoni civilizations.
Your tour may be extended by visiting the recently discovered ruins standing in front of Ferretti Palace, Roman Amphitheatre ruins dominating the hill of the museum in Birarelli Str. (ancient prison of Ancona) and the rests found during the diggings for the modern underground car parking located in Stamira Sq....

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Le Marche another Italy
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