Best Le Marche Managers: Winning against long-established competitors | Le Marche another Italy |

Cantiere delle Marche may have opened its doors in 2010, but it has quickly tapped an underserved niche in custom-yacht construction. From its Darwin series to its Nauta Air series, Cantiere delle Marche focuses on ocean-crossers that are as aesthetically striking as they are strong. Even the choice of “Darwin” for its first series conveys that. As Vasco Buonpensiere, the sales and marketing director, explains, “It’s not the strongest, but the fittest.” In this Megayacht News Leadership Series interview, he explains why Cantiere delle Marche is so focused on this idea. He conveys how some of the clients have pleasantly surprised the build team. And, Vasco Buonpensiere he shares his thoughts on why yacht buyers should no longer expect things to break down after a few months of use. [...]