The River Park A.R.S. Tronto is the incredible reality within the marvelous town of Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche Region. The River Park is a Fly Fishing zone of 7 km with the characteristic of "No kill area" strictly "catch and release" full of big sized Rainbow Trouts where is possible to fish 365 days per year. The river presents wonderful chalk streams, perfect water condition most of the year all inside a historical marbled town really appreciated by tourists from every part of the world.
For the strong rustic habitat of the river, although is located in a middle sized town, is possible to observe the presence of wildlife such as porcupines, otters, badgers, herons and the occasional presence of ungulates.

The annual fishing permit is € 50, the daily permit is € 8

Contact the local Fly Fishing Club  or the best Fly Fishing Shop of the province: