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Le Marche another Italy
Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops towns, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!
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Who ever said opera was boring? | Saddam "Nabuchodonosor" Hussein at Macerata

Who ever said opera was boring? | Saddam "Nabuchodonosor" Hussein at Macerata | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

A Babylonian despot takes the Jews into captivity. Rebuked by God, he releases them.

It seems simple enough, but it hasn't stopped opera directors from tweaking Verdi's transitional masterpiece set in 6th century BC towards modern analogies.
For director Gabriele Vacis at this year's Macerata Opera Festival, Nabucco is set in a parched Jerusalem desert where water is the most precious commodity and Babylonian walls are panels of 8000 plastic bottles. Nabuchodonosor is reincarnated as a pre-2003/Operation Red Dawn Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Levites are Guantanamo prisoners in orange jumpsuits and white yarmulkes. Add heat-packing suicide bombers and a horse.
While most directors exault patriotism and liberty of oppressed, displaced populations, Vacis focuses purely on conflict:  "Not to reductively modernize Verdi's masterpiece, but it's one way of making it contemporary, like today where we see the eternal struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed." [...]

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[...] Picture gallery of 20 opera productions which have made the headlines or captivated audiences over the past 20 years. Read on for a journey through the most extravagant, the most controversial, the most gory and the most memorable opera productions of the last two decades…


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Le Marche and the 100 Historic Theatres

Le Marche and the 100 Historic Theatres | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

Le Marche is the land of historic theatres hosting as it does over 100 of them, quite remarkable for a region with a population of just one million and a half !
Le Marche's theatres have always been the pride and joy of its people and a popular diversion before television and cinema got the upper hand.
Ascoli Piceno's Teatro Ventidio Basso, Fermo's Teatro dell'Aquila, Fano's Teatro della Fortuna, Jesi's Teatro Pergolesi just to name a few are all outstanding. Also not to be missed:
Ancona’s plaza-like Teatro delle Muse features a neoclassical façade, stunning modern interior design, cutting-edge technology, and an artistically significant fireproof curtain by the renowned artist Valeriano Trubbiani.
Pesaro's Teatro Rossini, inaugurated in 1818 with a performance of Gioacchino Rossini's La gazza ladra conducted by the great composer himself and after a long restoration it reopened again in 1980 – for the premiere Rossini Opera Festival.
Macerata’s Sferisterio was started in 1820 and opened nine years later. The unique shape of the building –a playing field, a supporting wall, boxes and balconies– was perfect to play such games as ball and bangle or for bull fighting, which were popular pastimes at the time of the Papal State. The Sferisterio Opera Festival is held every summer and performances start at nine in the evening, so as to allow the spectators to enjoy the spectacular view of dusk turning to night.

Lauren Sovel's curator insight, March 3, 2013 6:17 PM

i like this article simply because it is showin that unlike going to the movies.. evey theatre has a story and with such detailed designed walls and ceilings its hard to not be amazed.