From Le Marche to Pompeii and Naples within a day | Le Marche another Italy |

Many foreigners residing in the Marche, maybe also lot of tourists and surely Marchigiani, know the benefits of having useful daily bus routes to Rome. These transports, mainly intended for students and workers, become advantageous, expecially in summer, for tourism visits to the most important monuments in the world and very useful to reach the airport with all its international connections.
Now there is another extraordinary opportunity. There are bus lines that connects Le Marche to the Campania Region, to reach Naples and Pompeii, 4 times a day.
This means you can schedule a visit to the excavation of Pompeii with return within the day.
Do not you believe it?
The line is the of Cardinali and, for example, leaving from Porto San Giorgio at 7a.m. (6:59) you can get Pompeii at 12:30. You can have your lunch there, make your visit to the incredible monument and take the bus at 16:30 to get back Porto San Giorgio at 22:10, spending only 50 € both ways.

I suggest you to visit Naples in these days before Christmas, especially the area of Via San Gregorio Armeno.

A trip to Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples during the Christmas period is absolutely necessary.  Via San Gregorio Armeno is filled on both sides with shops selling everything that you could possible imagine and more. Tiny terracotta figurines, windmills, hay bails, fruit and bread baskets, battery-operated figures making pasta, political personalities, footballers and to complete your nativity kit, a whole town to arrange them in. If you want to take pictures and watch artisans making figures and buildings from scratch, you can chose the end of September and october as they prepare for the Christmas rush.

With these bus lines you can also schedule a trip to the Reggia di Caserta with even 5,45h for the visit.