Il Castello di Pitino - The Castle of Pitino | Le Marche another Italy |

The Castle of Pitino is located at 10.5 Km far from the city of San Severino Marche (Marche region, Italy), on the top of the hill, at 602 metres above the sea level.
Studies have demonstrated that Pitino was one of the most important Picenum settlement of the inland area of Macerata province.
Pitino Castle, of which ruins we may still admire at the present, was built in the middle age. According to local tradition, it is said that it was built because of the will of Marco Petilio, a noble living in Septempeda, after barbarian invasion. During the Middle age Pitino Castle was sought after by nearby municipalities such as San Severino, Montecchio (Treia), Camerino, Tolentino and Cingoli. Having control over Pitino had the meaning of keeping under control all over the baisin of Potenza river, which was an important route connecting the Adriatic sea with the Umbria region.
The highest point of the hill is the location for the main tower, also made from rocks, with square plant with side of 5.75 metres, high about 23 metres, and wall of 1.75 metres of thickness. The tower is supposed to be built at the beginning of XIII cent., when the Castle was rebuilt. It is almost sure merlons and parapet were put on top of the tower, facilitating the view over large distances and the transmittion of visual signals to other castles located nearby. The tower had a great strategic importance, because from the top it was possible to keep control over any mouvement occurring along the hill and the surrounding valleys. [...]