The Piceni People, great warriors and good farmers | Le Marche another Italy |

The name of the Picena civilization conventionally refers to the culture which developed in the mid Adriatic between the IX e IV centuries A.D. and Piceni is what this population, albeit, of different ancestry are called, as they were by large united by the same language or similar dialects which gave birth to this culture.

The name of the Piceni people is mentioned by the Latin writer Plutarch, during the Trajan era, and are also referred to as the Peucezi (Pseudo Scylax), Picenti (Polybius, Titus Livius e Pliny), Picentini (Strabo), which is what, at beginning from the IV century. A.D., the Greeks and Romans called these populations stationed along the central Adriatic zone.

Then from the IV century A.D. the Latin and Greek authors (Strabo, Polybius, Pliny and Livius) talk to us of a population originating from Sabina situated between the territories of the Marches and Abruzzo now renamed thanks to their fame as great warriors and good farmers for the abundance of the products found in their area. [...]