Paoletti, Ascoli Piceno: A sparkling tradition | Le Marche another Italy |

A faithful continuation of the family tradition with a production targeted to quality and compliance with the recipes of the past. This is the firm will expressed by Giancarlo, Pierluigi and Gianluca Paoletti, heirs of the company ‘Enrico Paoletti e Figli’ in Ascoli Piceno. The story of this company began around 1920 at Folignano (in the province of Ascoli Piceno), when Enrico Paoletti decided to start his own business, giving rise to a small production of carbonated soft drinks. Since that year, the company has begun its path of growth, and ‘Paoletti’ soft drinks, artisanal and with a local vocation, established themselves in all the territory of Ascoli Piceno, then in Italy, and, standing competition from national and multinational industries, in some foreign markets, too, thanks to the strength of Made in Italy, guarantee of high quality, and the recognisability of ‘Paoletti’ labels. Their retro and elegant layout has always been in line with the Italian style of the products: a charming and refined design for all the soft drinks whose protagonist is ‘FrizzanTina’, a historic testimonial depicted in poses which remind the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, always sensual, cheerful, and in a good mood. [...]