Best Le Marche Accommodation: Pineta ECOHotel, Monsano | Le Marche another Italy |

Not your usual, gar­den vari­ety of hotel, this one near Ancona, low-slung and wide-spread in an out-of-town loca­tion. A motel con­cept has park­ing space for each room right out­side its door, but Pineta Hotel offers weary trav­ellers lav­ishly ample spaces, state-of-the-art tech­nol­ogy, a sin­gu­lar style of blue-chip inte­rior design and even the feel-good fac­tor of sustainability. Yep, with its A Class energy cer­tifi­cate, it really does tick all the eco-boxes. There are solar pan­els on the roof pro­duc­ing more elec­tric­ity than the hotel uses. At Pineta they plant trees and use energy-saving light­ing, recy­cled paper, ozone air puri­fiers and the eco-friendliest clean­ing and wash­ing prod­ucts. All rub­bish is rig­or­ously recy­cled, of course. And no fear if the battery’s run­ning low in your EV: it’ll be recharged as you sleep. The 81 rooms come in 5 types with fam­ily acco­mo­da­tion too, and are all superb value for the price. If the décor and art­work are a tri­fle high-key, still you’ll sleep soundly on some of the most com­fort­able mat­tresses you’ve tried, shower with enough space to dance as well as sing, blithely access high-speed wifi and sub­scrip­tion tv chan­nels, and get an excel­lent break­fast too.  Pineta Hotel is 20 km inland from Ancona and not a bad base at all for explor­ing the Marche region -  Jesi, Ostra, Seni­gal­lia, the Conero Riv­iera, Loreto, Reca­nati, Osimo etc: hills and moun­tains, great beaches, his­tory and fab­u­lous wines.