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The first people who lived in the territory of the Marche identifing himself with it was the “Piceni”.  Piceni’s identity emerges along with the archeological excavations in the last century, highlighting aspects of this fascinating and mysterious people of warrior-farmers.
One of these recent moments of fame for the Piceni has to do with the Hollywood movies.
In 2012, the fantasy genre, after the success of Avatar, proposed to the world the story of an alien people, image of what we ourselves were originally, that fight for their land against the evil and hyper “terrestrial”. It was the movie “John Carter of Mars”, a revival of a ’30s cartoon made by Walt Disney.
The production gave the definition of the characters to the same costumeer of the higly successful film Apocalypto and Avatar: Mayes Rubeo.
Mayes – that over recent years lived with her husband in Todi, Umbria, began to study the peoples of antiquity with the attributes of the “martians”; a proud people, who loved peace and harmony, but that, if defied, is ready to fight with vigor to the last, freedom loving above all other virtues.
At one point, the costumer met the mysterious people on the Adriatic coast of central Italy – of wich we had knowledge thanks to its proximity to his place of residence – in wich he found the characters he sought. [...]