Forgotten Fruit the success key of a farm Company in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |

Forgotten Fruits and processing, the success key of a farm company in Le Marche.

Agricola for Le Marche represents (typically based on wheat and sugar beets crops), a modern concept of farming, the one that combines the production with processing into products with higher added value.

But Si.Gi. doesn't forget the tradition. The contrary. Rediscovering old preparations and products, Si.Gi. has built its succes. Here comes: the Sapa, the sun dried visciole (wild cherries), mulberry black whole fruit jam, white figs jams, wild plums jam, quince with sapa jam, apple mint jam, jelly apples and quince jam, Vinocotto, Vino di Visciole (wine and wild cherries) and, ultimately, the Giuggiolone (the old original jujube broth).

This last product and the gluten free production permitted to the company to conquer the prestigious “oscar green 2013” the italian farming prize ( )

The Giuggiolone SI.GI. is obtained by macerating the fruit of the jujube in Trebbiano wine in a very particular way that has lasted almost three years and allows to extract the oily juice of the fruit. The Giuggiolone is a beverage made of wine with a deep golden color.The nose offers all the perfume of ripe fruit of the jujube and taste fully confirms the nose also showing to be well balanced. But the jujube, besides being so tantalizing for the palate, also has excellent medicinal properties. It contains triterpenoid saponins, small quantities of alkaloids, glycosides, flavonoids, but especially vitamin C. Indeed 10 jujubes equivalent to 2 oranges. Its main therapeutic properties are as follows: hepatoprotective, ipocolesterolemiche, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, emollient and expectorant. In folk medicine is considered one of the four fruits "pecs" with figs, dates and raisins.