Gauls in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |

When the fearsome celtic warriors descended from Senonia (the territory of the river Seine where Paris now stands) stoods in the north-central area of the Marche. Perhaps their advance was stopping by the value of the Picenes, or perhaps, as we like to think, because they had found the most beautiful land they could never imagine.
When you get in the sweet territory between Arcevia, Sassoferrato and Pergola, surrounded by wooded hills of the first and second ridge of the Apennines,you can understand why the Senones had chosen it as the heart of their presence in central Italy. Why they faced the extermination in order to defend in the tragic battle of Sentinum, in 295 BC.
Here, in a high plateau, stood the city of Civitalba (or Alba Gallica), of which few remains were found, including fragments of a frieze – originally placed on the tympanum of a temple – wich commemorates the defeat of the Gauls in that epic and decisive battle that followed the siege and the sac of Rome by their undisputed leader, the grand “Brennus”. Brennus returned triumphant with his army, laden with riches, and long celebrating the victory in the territory chosen as Senone’s homeland. [...]