Crescia di Pasqua: Le Marche savoury Easter bread | Le Marche another Italy |

Crescia di Pasqua, Pizza di Paqua, Crescia Brusca, Torta al Formaggio, Crescia al formaggio, Crescia Ricresciuta, Caciata... different names for similar Panettone-shaped Easter breads prepared in Le Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lazio (basically throughout Central Italy except Tuscany, as far as I know).
Here in Northern Le Marche (where it's called Crescia di Pasqua) the tradition is that every family makes an outrageous number of them and then, before Easter, the swapping begins. People used to give one to neighbours, family and friends and, of course were given one by each of them, so every family ended up having to "deal" with, basically, the same outrageous number of cresce that they made in first place... that is, too many! [...]

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