Beato Sante, Convent in Montefabbri PU, Le Marche | Beato Sante (a ‘patch from Heaven’) | Le Marche another Italy |

The convent of Beato Sante (‘Blessed Sante’), close to Mombaroccio and not far from Sant’Angelo in Lizzola, in the hinterland of Pesaro: a real ‘patch of Heaven’.

The convent, built on top of Scotaneto hill dates back to the year 1223. It was one of the first Franciscan seats in the Marche region, erected while Saint Francis was still alive. Later on it underwent major changes and the convent we see today dates mostly back to the 17th century, apart from a few still preserved original parts.

Giansante Brancorsini (the ‘Beato Sante’), born of a noble family in Montefabbri, close to Urbino, moved there in 1370 after killing a man in self-defense, in order to expiate his sins. He gained popularity thanks to his strong faith and to the many prodiges achieved while alive (among which the taming of a wolf; the miracle of an oak tree which, after receiving his blessing, started producing acrons with a little cross on them). Today it is a destination for pilgrimages and – to me – is a ‘patch from Heaven’ (both spiritually and phsycally, as I love to find my inner peace there, surrounded by centuries-old woods). [...]