Collesi beers of Italy | Le Marche another Italy |
When one thinks of Italian beer, usually Peroni and Moretti come to mind. Italy is experiencing a craft brew revolution now. One of these brewers, Collesi has actually been in business since 1870. Located in the southwestern hills of Marche in the village of Apecchio, which bills itself as the “City of Beer.” Collesi is at the forefront of craft brewing in Italy. They make a line of Belgian style ales with barley grown on their estate. I recently enjoyed two of their beers.
Collesi, Imper Ale, Bionda pours a bright golden color with a snow-white head. It is cloudy and has some particles floating in it due to the fact that it is unfiltered. The nose is filled with yeasty notes with vanilla and floral aromas. The palate is filled with a rich maltiness, balanced with floral and yeasty flavors. It is light in body and has a pleasing medium finish. This beer weighs in at 6%abv. [...]