Le Marche another Italy
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Le Marche another Italy
Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops towns, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!
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Frasassi Caves – Pitch Black and Thundering Water

Frasassi Caves – Pitch Black and Thundering Water | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

The Frasassi Caves were discovered by chance in 1970 by a speleological party. It’s one of those places everyone in Italy knows about, and with good reason.

The caves are located in the central region Marche, in the municipality of Genga, province of Ancona. They are placed amid the stunning Frasassi Gorges. [...]

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Top 5 most amazing and unusual Chapels in Italy

Top 5 most amazing and unusual Chapels in Italy | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it
A selection of some of the most unusual and amazing chapels of Italy, ranging from a bone chapel in Milan, over a cave chapel, to a multicolored vineyard chapel, and more.

1. Cave chapel of Genga (Marche)
In 1971 a group of speleologists from Ancona discovered a complex system of remarkable karst caves in the municipality of Genga. The cave system, known as Frasassi grottos, is the largest in Europe. The grottos owe their name to the Hermitage Sanctuary of Santa Maria infra saxa, dug in the rock at the entrance of the caves, which pronounced by the locals over time became ‘frasassi’.
At about 1.5 km from the entrance of the main Frasassi cave is a cavity called Grotta del Santuario, inside which is the Tempietto del Valadier, a chapel designed by the neoclassicist architect Giuseppe Valadier in 1828 for Pope Leo XII. The Chapel with octagonal plan was constructed with white travertine blocks, which were quarried inside the cave.

2. Ossuary Chapel, Milan (Lombardy)
3. Multi-colored vineyard chapel in La Morra (Piedmont)
4. Cappella Palatina, Palermo (Sicily)
5. The unusual End-of-the-World frescoes of the San Brizio Chapel, Orvieto (Umbria)
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Mysterious Places - Osimo: an incredible underground town

Mysterious Places - Osimo: an incredible underground town | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

Under the city of Osimo (province of Ancona, Le Marche, Italy) there is an incredible dark second mate.
An underworld which links the main buildings, expanding throughout the city in a maze

This place, full of ancient alchemical symbolism, of which has not yet been given an explanation about its creation and on the respective function, was certainly sailed and lived by the Knights Templar of Malta who used it for their initiation to the Order.
After all, the symbolism of the labyrinth has always been considered the main element for the journey into the darkness of primal chaos toward the light, from a mere mortal and confused soul to an immortal and “enlightened” one. No coincidence that the path was done in an underground place...

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Wow, these places make me think about Lovecraft books!
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Frasassi Caves and the other Caves in Italy

Frasassi Caves and the other Caves in Italy | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

This group of caves [Frasassi Caves] is one of the most famous in the country. Located in the central region of Marche, the caves were reportedly first discovered in 1948, though most sources state that 1971 is when they began to be explored. They feature a series of linked chambers, one of which is a bizarre shape that feels like an endless tunnel when in fact it is one very long chamber. Today the caves are open to the public for daily visits, and they are estimated to be around 190 million years old.

This is the List of the best caves in Italy

  1. Blue Grotto - Capri
  2. Duino Mithraeum - Duino, Trieste
  3. Ear of Dionysius - Siracusa
  4. Grotta d'Ispignoli - Nuoro
  5. Grotta dei cordari - Siracusa
  6. Grotta del Cavallone - Lama dei Peligni, Chieti
  7. Grotta dello Smeraldo - Conca de' Marini, Salerno
  8. Grotta Gigante - Sgonico, Trieste
  9. Grotte di Borgio Verezzi - Savona
  10. Grotte di Castelcivita - Salerno
  11. Grotte di Castellana - Bari
  12. Neptune's Grotto - Alghero, Sassari
  13. Nereo Cave - Capo caccia, Alghero, Sassari
  14. Pagliacci Cave - Rodi Garganico, Foggia
  15. Pastena Cave - Frosinone
  16. Pertosa Caves - Muraglione, Salerno
  17. Toirano Caves - Savona
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Another Ancona: Passetto Caves

Another Ancona: Passetto Caves | Le Marche another Italy | Scoop.it

The Passetto caves in Ancona are an a-part world. For its inhabitants they are the “beach near your house”. They were dug on the early ‘900 to recover little fishing and pleasure boats and to find a bit of shade during summer sunny days in order to enjoy the seaside so near but difficult to reach, considering the rocky promontory upon which the city has been built. The caves’ owners – called “grottaroli” – do inherit from father to son their respective ones over the years, effecting new works of restoration year by year in order to make the caves more comfortable for them and for their friends; electricity, drinkable water, methane supplied gas-stoves, works in colored wood make the Passetto caves a very unique, magical and enchanting place. Beach is constituted by classic reefs and parallels to the coast; it is frequented by the caves owners and by the locale inhabitants that have the chance to take quick “touch-and-go” sun or water baths.

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