Playing Baseball in Le Marche | Le Marche another Italy |

The game of baseball, along with its feminine variant of softball, is inspired by the inherent struggle of man against a hostile environment: an athlete plays in the field against nine opponents, playing for his teammates supporting from the bench.

For this and all other common reasons for each sport, baseball and softball are sports that help the growth of young people in civil society.

Practiced anywhere in the world today, is particularly appreciated in Le Marche.

The Marches Baseball consists of a Regional Committee, featuring 28 sports clubs and 15 functional playgrounds.

Cupra Baseball - Cupramontana AN - www
Unione Picena Baseball - Montegranaro FM - www
Porto Sant'Elpidio Baseball - Porto Sant'Elpidio FM - www
Macerata Angels Baseball Club - Macerata MC - www
Mosca Softball Macerata - Macerata MC - www
Baseball Pesaro - Pesaro PU - www
A.S.D. Baseball Club Le Pantere - Potenza Picena MC - www
Centro Universitario Sportivo Ancona A.S.D. - Ancona AN - www
A.S.D.Fano Baseball '94 - Fano PU - www
A.S.D. Softball Macerata - Macerata MC - www
Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball Portalwww