Fresh Egg Pasta..a typical Sunday in Italy (and Le Marche) | Le Marche and Food |

In Italy Sundays is the day when many family get together, the granma’ makes the fresh pasta, either tagliatelle, tortellini or any shape.

Last Sunday, fresh from a trip to the home land, I woke up and I was keen to make something for me special, in honour of old memories. So I decided to put together a couple of eggs, 200 gr of flour and all the strengths one can have on a Sunday morning, to work energetically the dough for 15 minutes or more.


  • For every egg used 100 gr of flour need to be added.

How to do it:

  1. Place the flour in a wooden board, or if you don’t have it just use any clean surface, as I did. 
  2. Create a hole in the centre of the flour and brake the eggs, adding a pinch of salt. 
  3. Start beating the eggs while collecting small amounts of flour from the sides. 
  4. Add gradually the flour to the eggs until obtaining a dough which will need to be worked for 15 minutes until smooth.

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