Sushi & Susci

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Moreno Cedroni, cook and chief-proprietor of the Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia and the Clandestino Susci Bar in Portonovo gives us a truly autonomous interpretation of this Japanese culinary masterpiece, offering dishes which may be classified as sushi in terms of their ingredients, but which are fundamentally Italian in their conception and execution. In this work he presents thirty-one of his singular creations beginning with preparations that employ totally raw fish, passing to those in infusions of hot or cold aromatic oils, those salted for varying periods of time, and still others marinated in vinegar or lemon juice and concluding with recipes which use mixed techniques. Paolo Marchi's introduction traces the evolution from sushi to susci, or more precisely, from the Japanese original to the Mediterranean 'bocconcino' of this talented chef from Le Marche.