Passione Carnale Steakhouse: Meat Lovers Restaurant Le Marche | Le Marche and Food |

Hera a place in San Benedetto del Tronto, Le Marche the "Meat Lovers" can not miss.

Passione Carnale is a restaurant with a great selection of the best international typologies of meat.

  • BRAZILIAN PICANHA -  Meat typical of Brazil is one of the best and most famous around the world. The picanha is a cut of beef; characterizes a layer of fat that melts during cooking, giving the right flavor to the meat.
  • ANGUS The conformation and fat score is the dominant and only the cattle with a marbling of fat are selected suitable for export.
  • MARCHIGIANA The tenderness and texture of the meat are the main elements of Marchigiana Cattle Race. Bright red color and good flavor are the results of a great and genuine power. 
  • BLAK ANGUS is coming from Kansas (USA) and is grown in large American prairies. Meat very tender and juicy characterized by a good curl which is the result of the special diet that the animals following in the final phase of their life.
  • BUFFALO The buffalo meat are red, juicy and very tender given the young age of slaughter are in between the leaner and lighter. They have very low content of cholesterol, but high values ​​of protein and iron. The buffalo meat is also tender, tasty, tasty and digestible.