Verdicchio as a family business: Zaccagnini, Staffolo | Le Marche and Food |

In 1973 Mario Zaccagnini established his winery of 25 hectares of vines in the rolling hills around Staffolo, 450 metres above sea level in Le Marche Region of Italy.
The initial hobby, because the success of the wine, turned immediatly in business vocation and soon his daughter Rosella and his son in law Franco have joined him. The distinctive microclimate and soil allows their winemaker to produce Verdicchio wines that are full of character. Their Salmagina verdicchio wine is made from selected slightly over ripened grapes and then left in contact with its lees giving the wine an extra level of structure and elegance.
The Zaccagnini family produces 150.000 bottles and you can taste the wines at their restaurant.