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Experience Le Marche! Discover art, culture, wine, cuisine, Truffle, cuisine, and typical products of this beautiful region with a Claudio Modesti. Courses and sensory experiences rediscover your senses. Taste the wine, the cuisine and the typical products of Le Marche.


Claudio Modesti is a local celebrity and entertaining speaker with an impressive resume'.  He is a doctor but also Chairman of the Mycological Group of Macerata, professor of CAMM (association of mycology in Macerata), and a consultant at a truffle cultivation. He is official taster and sommelier of the Association of Italian Sommelier (AIS) and AIS teacher in courses on cooking techniques, food and wine accompaniments in particular with mushrooms, truffles. He has been Chairman of the Commission of Regional AIS Marche Tasting panel, Anti Aging Dietary Supplement Fact, catering consultant and member of the Board of Tasting for Salame di Fabriano.

Claudio Modesti has written three Italian language books: "I mieli uniflorali incontrano i formaggi tradizionali italiani" (editor. Geronimo); "I tartufi in cucina" e "Lo spignolo in cucina: un tartufo epigeo?" (both editor. Hacca). He Has performed as a guest speaker in several conferences related to wine, and in 2008 was featured on Italian television programme Eat Parade , RAI TV