The Crocette (Sea Slugs) Le Marche typical shellfish dish | Le Marche and Food |

Among species belonging to marine fauna of Ancona area there is a characteristic shellfish named “crocetta” (lit. “little cross”). The crocetta, whose Italian name is “garagolo”, is a shellfish belonging to the family of gasteropod. Once fished, the crocette need of an elaborated and patient procedure determining their cost and difficulty to find them out. In fact, in order to make them edible there is the necessity to “break their spouts”, i.e. eliminating either their lateral and bottom sides. Because of their shell hardness, that operation is done by means of pincers. Once broken their spouts, they have to be generously washed using water and vinegar, in order to starve them from slime (in practise it is the same procedure as for common land snails). You can taste raw, lemon added or simply prepared “in porchetta” crocette. Click on the photo for the recipe