Eaten this Easter in Le Marche: Deep-Fried Custard Cubes - Crema Fritta | Le Marche and Food |

Some of the most authentic regional fare in the Marches, mainly the Ascoli Piceno area, are the small but scrumptious treats that can be both street food that accompany drinks at happy hours or appetizers or take part in the composition of mixed fried Ascoli Style, served on special occasions, such as Easter, Wedding receptions - crema fritta or cremini (literally deep-fried custard). Whether you are a gourmet or a distracted traveller you will be enthralled by these little golden diamonds that are so sweet and tasty!
Here's the recipe :
80 g sugar
80 g flour
the zest of one organic lemon in strips
4 eggs
500 ml fresh whole milk, boiled and allowed to cool
a pinch of salt
a stick of cinnamon
extra-virgin olive oil
2 cups of fresh bread crumbs

Anisette Meletti

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