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The history of Paoletti began in the small country town of Folignano, in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, Italy. The year was 1922, and a young Enrico (Henry) Paoletti created what was to be the first in the Paoletti Range of Beverages, Paoletti Gassosa.
This drink was produced in the family home, and served out of a small tavern situated at the base of the home, where locals came to enjoy, and mix with wine, Enrico's Gassosa.
Enrico's imagination and entrepreneurial drive continue today through his sons. Paoletti's new headquarters are now situated in Marino del Tronto and the respect and quality of the traditional recipes still remain today, 85 years later.
Spuma Nera: A cola like soda with a distinctive bittersweet finish which leaves a clean palatte.
Gassosa: lemonade with a rich balance of sweetness.
Aranciata: orange sparkling soda (orange juice 12%).
Bitter: cream soda with its vanilla aroma, and a tonic.
Acqua Tonica: bitter lemon style soda with an added zest.