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"Il Cuoco Maceratese" (The Chef from Macerata) is a cooking manual from 1779. It's a recipe book that sets the national and modern diet rules, including the original and traditional recipes of the time.
"Il Cuoco Maceratese" was the most famous recipe book in that epoch until the "Artusi" was published.
The version that the Chamber of Commerce proposes is an unabridged version of the fourth edition from 1786.

It is a collection of recipes from two centuries ago, this cookbook could be a history lesson, reflecting culinary influences in central Italy during the late 18th century, when this revised edition was first printed.

Nebbia introduces French-style sauces to give flavor to food, eschewing heavy use of spices, roasted meats and other medieval carryovers.

Along with the more traditional lard and pig fat, he recommends using butter, even in pasta. Dishes call for making puff pastry and sweet custard creams to accompany meats and breads.