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Best Restaurants of Le Marche: Osteria Teatro Strabacco Ancona

Best Restaurants of Le Marche: Osteria Teatro Strabacco Ancona | Le Marche and Food | Scoop.it
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“AWESOME after a night at the theatre!”
Reviewed 21 July 2012
It has very good food, the waiters are very kind and nice, and it is open until late at night. I love to go there after having gone to the theatre (it is half a mile away from the theatre).
I live in Ancona, so trust me it does have good food. It might be a little expensive, depending on what you get. I'm talking about 15-25 euros per person, including something to drink.
By the way, they've got pretty good wine over here!

“A place for lovers of fish, art and wine”
Reviewed 9 July 2012
While in Ancona vivisting relatives, we ate at a wonderful restaurant called "L'Osteria Teatro Strabacco" (Super-Bacchus), with excellent fish dishes, like a carpaccio of very well-soaked salt cod, which just melted in the mouth, with olive oil and lemon and poppy seeds on top, and the typical Anconese salt cod and vegetable dish so loved by Garibaldi and his red-shirts, when here, excellent. There is very interesting art in the pretty dark locale , with suggestive lighting and many neat old knick knacks around on tables and walls to interest one's curiousity, there wasn't any theatre when we were there at lunch, but a large crowd, which didn't feel too pressing as our table felt intimate, with the dark wood and art all around. The wine list is extensive, what else would one expect when it's dedicated to Bacchus?
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