BLA BLA - a film for computer by Vincent Morisset | Le BONHEUR comme indice d'épanouissement social et économique. |

BLA BLA, un film pour ordinateur de Vincent Morisset. Produit par l'ONF. Développé par AATOAA. À mi-chemin entre le conte illustré et le film d'animation. BLA BLA vous invite à participer au récit! Philippe Lambert.

Vincent Morisset was born in Montreal. Director, programmer, inventor, he is looking for new ways to tell stories. Since the release of the Funeral album, Vincent has been collaborating with Arcade Fire. The interactive video for Neon Bible is considered by many as the first interactive music video. Vincent also directed their documentary MIROIR NOIR and developped the Synchronised Artwork for the album “The Suburbs” which change the way we present visuals related to digital albums. His work has been showcased in Wired, Creative Review, Pitchfork, Fast Company, Variety, Le Monde and The Guardian among others. Recently, Vincent directed a dance activated interactive video for Arcade Fire (, BLA BLA (, an experimental film for computer, and INNI, a feature film on the icelandic band Sigur Ros. Vincent is founder of AATOAA, an entity specialized in open-minded projects.

Via Jacques Urbanska, gawlab