Against the marketization of the university | Le BONHEUR comme indice d'épanouissement social et économique. |

The crisis in higher education is the result of a privatized culture of management. This is a plea for turning universities back over to the sciences.


Over the last 1.5 years, the VU University Amsterdam has been embroiled in a battle against the severe budgetary cuts pursued by the Dutch government. The university board — consisting of three members, one of whom is the former CEO of a port company and another the former CEO of a bank — has launched a reorganization program that includes budget cuts of €33 million. This reorganization will result in 500-600 lay-offs and the elimination of many small educational programs and courses — and it is already underway. (...) - by Jan Abbink, Donya Alinejad, Ellen Bal, Femke Brandt, Lenie Brouwer, Elise Dijkstra, Bertie Kaal, Elly Pauelsen, Dimitris Pavlopoulos, Mark Peters, Marina de Regt... (The authors of this article are lecturers, researchers and administrative employees of the VU Amsterdam.), publihsed by by Donya Alinejad on April 19, 2013, ROAR Magazine

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